We have different activities for our service users in the centre and in the community. We have a fully equipped Day Centre with ICT training facilities, a state-of-the-art sensory room. Community based activities tend to be in Tower Hamlets, Stratford Newham, and other neighboring boroughs.

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Centre Based Activities

  • Safety Workshops: Health and Safety, Role Play, Awareness Training
  • Basic Skills Workshops: English Classes ESOL, Basic Maths Numeracy Classes
  • Social Skills Classes: Use of Modern Technologies, Smart Phone, Making Friends
  • Discussion Groups: Health Issues, Women’s Issues, Personal Hygiene
  • Art and Craft
  • Physiotherapy: Exercise, Relaxation Techniques, Sensory Therapy
  • Music Workshop: Music, Dance, Singing with Professional Music Tutor
  • Cooking: Bangladeshi, English and Chinese Cuisine
  • Computer Training: ICT Classes, Internet Education
  • Social Enterprise: The BPCA is currently running a social enterprise that is run by our service users and learners.
  • Healthy Living (Cooking / Health Checks – Eye Tests, Dental check-ups, Awareness training sessions)

The activities we do include:
Activity Chart Diagrams - Removed Art and Craft1

   Community Based Activities

  • Outdoor Sports: Football, Swimming, Bowling, Canoeing and Rebound and Hydro Therapy
  • Fitness Gym at Whitechapel Sport Centre and Tower Hamlets College
  • Further Education and Training Adult Education and Personal Skills Training
  • Health and Hygiene Workshops focuses on personal hygiene
  • Life Skills Training: Shopping, Road Safety, First AID and Cleaning
  • Gardening Sessions offered in partnership with St Margaret’s House
  • Social Activities: Prayers at East London Mosque and Youth Work
  • Performance Art: Music and Dance, Live Performance and Rehearsals for Community events
  • Recreational and Educational Visits to Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres and Cinema
  • Art Therapy
  • Residential Breaks promotes independence and interaction with communities and visits to Isle of White, Lake District.