Sapphire Support Hub is our welcoming centre in Newham where we provide culturally appropriate day care service for people with Learning, Physical and Sensory disabilities.

The centre is fully equipped with ICT training facilities, state of the art sensory rooms, arts and craft workshops and multipurpose activity rooms.

Our team has expertise in a variety of medical conditions including Learning Disability, Mental Health, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Challenging Behaviour, High Complex needs, Hearing and sight impairment, Down’s Syndrome and Multiple Disabilities.¬†

Our services are tailor-made to meet the changing needs of our clients and we are committed to providing a learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all of our members are respected.


Our carefully curated program is designed to have the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor activities and to support the greater involvement and participation of those who are disabled as well as of their parents, carers or guardians.


We are always researching new ways of supporting the community integration of our service users.

From exploring Newham and the neighbouring areas,  partnering up with other local organisations for collaborative projects that build on social and creative skills, to art performances at local events, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to connect our clients with members of the local community.


We have a very rich timetable of activities that take place in our centre, indoors or in our garden


Everything you need to know 


Caring service 1:1

Based on individual assessment

Caring service 1:3

Based on individual assessment

Lunch and Refreshments



Monday to Friday

9am to 4pm


We have our own transport facilities with escort and drivers for our users.

Some of our more abled users can choose to come to the Centre by walking or using public transport


Our services are referral based:

 # personal referral

# via family or friends

# from Social/ Health Services

# recommended by another voluntary organisation


What our users think about our services

I like to do exercise here. I like the staff. I like outing and enjoy the day trips. I like cooking, handicraft, ESOL, visiting Museums like London Aquarium and Kew Gardens. I am very happy here.


I like to attend BPCA because the staff are very caring and sharing. I can do different activities here. I like the environment I like outing and visiting different places, parks, Museum, Kew Gardens, London Eye, Gudwara, Temple Surrey Quays, Orpington Fruit Farm. My wife is happy that I am attending BPCA. 


I am very happy to attend BPCA. I like BPCA more than my home. I do various activities like ESOL class, art and craft, board games. I like to go temple and library once in a week. I use sensory room for my physiotherapy every week. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I will continue to attend BPCA.